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life skills

Youthworx equips young people with various life skills not necessarily taught in the formal education system. These include:

Public speaking,

Social etiquette, and

Leadership Development.

programs and activities

Activities undertaken by Youthworx
include, amongst others:

  • An international Year-end Summer Camp,
  • A Youth Indaba,
  • A weekend at a National Park or Reserve,
  • Various Fund-raising events,
  • A golf day,
  • Development of a Youth Band,
  • Life Clubs aimed at developing confidence in a public speaking environment,
  • Community Outreach programs,
  • Educational programs to youth interned at medical centres such as Sizwe Hospital,
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and sex education programs aimed at young people.

The highlight of the year is undoubtedly Summer Camp representing an intense activity-based program offering team, personality and leadership development opportunities through activities such as Water-polo, Action Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, hiking, canoeing, ballroom dancing, rock climbing, abseiling, and public speaking.


After having participated in camp, many young people testify to having had the “time of their lives” and are transformed by the experience and opportunities presented for personal development.