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Youthworx: an overview

Youthworx is an international non-profit organisation aimed at educating, empowering, uplifting and transforming youths from all backgrounds and all ages, across Southern Africa. 


Youthworx is represented in all major urban areas in South Africa as well as other Southern African countries such as Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Botswana.


Through various programs and activities that teach, promote and reinforce strong moral values, youths of all race and ethnicity are taught various life-skills and presented with an alternative uplifting environment promoting acceptance and accountability as well as respect for oneself, society and others.


Many youths grow up in social and domestic environments in which violence, abuse and poverty are commonplace.




In addition, because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa, many youths become orphans during their teen years and are forced to take care of themselves from an early age. As a result they are

overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and struggle to accept meaning and purpose in life.


Youthworx is a voluntary program supported by adults who themselves are a product of the program, as well as older youths who have benefitted from the program.